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Participation fee

The participation in the courses is based on donation. We specifically do not give any recommendation for a donation to the teacher, in some cases travel expenses, as well as for the house, room and board. This is in accordance with the Buddhist tradition that the value of the teaching cannot be measured in money. However, the teacher and the meditation center are dependent on voluntary donations (dana) for their livelihood, resp. for the expenses for food and lodging in order to be able to continue the teaching. Giving and generosity are active aspects of any spiritual practice. They help to maintain the teaching and to make it available to everyone.
We do not have the possibility to take donation by creditcard, for this please bring cash with you.

"Dana" is gift and generosity.
It embraces the support of those
who unselfishly and openly
give of their time and knowledge
to teach the path of
silence, insight and compassion.
Dana is a way of thanksgiving: 
a spontaneous grateful offering
which stems from the appreciation
of that which was received.
Such generostiy cannot be forced.
It simply opens
when the tree of mindfulness
blossoms and finally bears fruit.


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