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Angelika Hintermaier

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Dhammacari Vipassana-Meditationszentrum gem. e. V.
Allgramsdorf 8
84056 Rottenburg a. d. Laaber
Tel: 08785 - 969 877
Fax: 08785 - 969 728

For inquiry or enrolement please send us a e-mail on:

Please mention your request or for serious enrrolement let us know.
Please specify the following details:

  • your perferable time you like to come
  • your full name
  • adresse
  • phone number

You can also call us directly if it's about a short-term visit.

If you do not receive a response from us within 3 days, please try and contact us again. Your information may have been lost somewhere in the net


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