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Dear friends of meditation and the Sonnenthal, We are happy to inform you that we have been accommodating meditators again since Friday. However, the hygiene requirements currently only allow a slightly smaller number of participants, so unfortunately, we cannot give a place to everyone who wants to come. The last two months have flown by and a lot has happened: We were given a small used garden shed, which we have almost completely rebuilt in the meantime. Another small area that somewhat alleviates our lack of space. We are still broadcasting our evening chanting once a week via zoom, usually

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Evening chanting

The daily evening chanting in our center is available to watch online under the following links. 12. July 2020 5. July 2020 (cut out at 38:00) 28. June 2020 21. June 2020 14. June 2020 7. June 2020 31. May 2020 24. May 2020 19. May 2020 10. May 2020 3. May 2020 26. April 2020 19. April 2020 (cut out at 30:00) 05. April 2020 27. March 2020 26. March 2020      

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December 15, 2019 – Chomtong

Dear Friends in Dhamma, Lisa and I have now arrived in Chomtong. This afternoon the water which has been blessed by the King of Thailand will be brought to the temple, expressing the Royal Family`s respect for Ajahn Tong. Subsequently, there will be a chanting ceremony at the temple.Throughout the next few days, several chanting sessions from the Abhidhamma will follow.

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All compounded things are impermanent…

Dear friends in Dhamma, our highly respected teacher – Most Venerable Phra Prom Mongkol Vi. (Venerable Phra Ajahn Tong Sirimangalo) – has left this world yesterday December 12th, 2019 at the age of 96 years. Yesterday morning he was still receiving a big group of international meditators from Khun Thanat and Khun Kat. Nobody expected that not long after he would already have left us.

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