Meditation Centre

Meditation Centre

The Dhammacari Vipassana Centre is situated in Sonnenthal near Allgramsdorf/Rottenburg an der Laaber. It is embedded in the hilly countryside of Lower Bavaria, Germany. This quiet spot offers ideal conditions for meditation.

The farmhouse was donated for the purpose of receiving meditators and offering a place entirely dedicated to meditation. Maintenance costs for the house as well as expenses for running the courses, like food, are covered by voluntary donations in accordance with Buddhist tradition (Dana). That way, each participant actively partakes in running the Dhammacari Vipassana Meditation Centre and enables all dedicated meditators and interested people to come and practice today as well as in the future. 

How to get there

Travel by train

Destination “Neufahrn-Ndb.” (Niederbayern). Please note that there are two train stations called “Neufahrn” in Bavaria, the second one being located close to Freising/Munich. Please make sure you choose the correct location in Niederbayern.

We are happy to pick you up from the train station (the cost is €10 one way). Kindly let us know in advance which train you arrive on and if you require a pick-up.

Travel by car

From the North: A 93 Munich-Regensburg. Exit No.51 (Elsendorf/Rottenburg), resp. Exit No.55 (Hausen). In Rottenburg, follow the signs to Neufahrn, turn right in Inkofen in the direction of Türkenfeld/Hohenthann. After approx. 200 meters, turn right to Allgramsdorf. Following the only paved road in Allgramsdorf will lead you directly to the meditation centre. 

From South/Munich: A 92 Munich-Deggendorf, Exit No.14 (Landshut-Nord), at the first signal, turn left and then turn right, following the signs to “Rottenburg”. In Hohenthann, follow the signpost to Andermannsdorf. Just outside of Andermannsdorf turn left (direction Rottenburg). After approx. 200 meters turn right in the direction of Inkofen/Neufahrn. Approx. 35 meters after leaving Rahstorf turn left to Allgramsdorf. In Allgramsdorf turn left (to the West), following the first paved road which will lead you to the meditation centre. 

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The most Venerable Ajahn Tong Sirimangalo visited the Dhammacari Vipassana Meditation Center in 2013 and 2017. The Dhamma talks he gave during these visits can be accessed below.