The term “Dana” originates from the Pali language. Here at the Dhammacari Vipassana Meditation Centre the term is used in its original form, as there is no direct translation into English. Dana stands for the joy of giving, for generosity and for bounty among other things. Dana goes much deeper in its meaning and complexity than the English term “donation”.

Below are some aspects of Dana in the sense of the Buddhist tradition:

    • Through giving Dana, the giver is developing generosity and thereby also serving his or her spiritual development and practice. For this, the act of giving Dana needs to be completely free from expectations or conditions.
    • Developing the ability to give Dana means developing solidarity at the same time, as the giving of Dana opens up the possibility for countless other people to walk the path of Buddhist teachings.
    • Dana can be in financial or material form, as well as in the form of offering your time by helping out or offering work services.

Participation in the courses is based on Dana. We specifically do not give any recommendation for the amount of Dana. This is in accordance with the Buddhist tradition that the value of the teaching cannot be measured in terms of money.

Giving and generosity are active aspects of any spiritual practice. They help to maintain the teaching and to make it available to everyone.
We do not have the possibility to take donations by debit- or creditcard. Kindly bring cash with you.

“Dana” is gift and generosity.
It embraces the support of those who unselfishly and openly
give of their time and knowledge to teach the path of
silence, insight and compassion.
Dana is a way of thanksgiving:
a spontaneous grateful offering which stems from the appreciation
of that which was received.
Such generositiy cannot be forced.
It simply opens when the tree of mindfulness
blossoms and finally bears fruit.

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We do not have the facilities to give Dana by debit or credit card at our centre. Should you participate in one of our courses, kindly bring cash or use one of the electronic payment methods listed above.