Info II

A detailled description of the course (basic course as well as 10-day retreat) can be found under Info I.

The following information applys exclusively to the summer course at the Benedictine Abbey in Scheyern:

In terms of participation fee the same applies to the summer course as it does for the regular courses at the centre – they are based on Dana. Any voluntary donation for the teachers, their travel expenses (e.g. plane tickets) and the food is welcome.

However, in terms of accomodation, the Benedictine Abbey has fixed prices and such costs will have to be paid to the abbey directly. They current rate is:
– €25 per night per person (single room, en suite)
The abbey only accepts cash!

For any course at the Dhammacari Vipassana Meditationszentrum the information under “Participation fee” is applicable.

Length and terms of the retreat

  • The beginning of the course is at 17:00 a clock. The members of the course should arrive between 14:00 and 15:00 p.m.
  • The end of the retreat will be around 09:00 of the last day. All meals are vegetarian.
  • All members should follow the 8 Buddhist rules during their stay (I will abstain from killing, I will abstain from taking something, that is not given to me, I will abstain from amoral desire, I will abstain from lying, I will abstain befuddling drinks and drugs, I will abstain from eating later than 12 a clock, I will abstain from dancing, singing, jewellery, cosmetics and entertainment, I will abstain sleeping at comfortable beds. When the course starts, all members practice “noble silence“.
  • Further everyone gets a working-meditation (not more than one hour a day). That means you assist in the kitchen or somewhere.

Travel information

The benedictine monastery (Schyrenplatz 1, D-85297 Scheyern), is located in the nice landscape of Holledau and has a quiet and spiritual atmosphere. So it is a good place for meditation.

  • Arrival by train: Destination: Pfaffenhofen a. d. Ilm (between Munich and Ingolstadt). Advisable is an arrival between 14 and 15 a clock. Small groups than can go by taxi to the monastery (10km, ca. 12 €). Taxicenter Pfaffenhofen Tel: (08441) 83033. For unexpected events during the journey please call 0049 172 97 58 761.
  • Arrival by car: (If possible please take other members of the course along in your car) A9/E45 Munich – Nürnberg, gateway Pfaffenhofen (66). From Pfaffenhofen to Niederscheyern and Mitterscheyern and than to Scheyern.

Please bring:

  • comfortable, white clothes (“fit for a monastery”, not too tight, not see-through…)
  • digital timer and alarm clock (mobile phone need to be deposited with management for the duration of the course)
  • slippers to wear inside the abbey
  • cushions, blankets and mats
  • thermos flask


Teachers, the Dhammacari Vipassana-Meditationszentrum gem. e. V. and the benedictine-monastery Scheyern are not responsible for physical and mental damages, which can occur during the course