Info III

For anyone who cannot or does not wish to attend a basic course or a retreat here at the meditation centre, there is the opportunity to integrate the basic course over a period of 12-week into their every-day life.


  1. Willingness to participate for 12 weeks
  2. Adherence to the five Buddhist principles of virtue:
    • not to kill,
    • not to take that which is not given,
    • right speech,
    • no unwholesome sexual activities,
    • renunciation of substances which can cloud the mind
  3. Meditate for at least two hours every day
  4. Weekly report (discussion) with the teacher
  5. You will need to come to the meditation centre for a 4-day stay to complete the course

Meditators who have already completed a basic course can do an at-home retreat in eight weeks. Weekly reports can take place via the phone.