December 15, 2019 – Chomtong

Dear Friends in Dhamma,

Lisa and I have now arrived in Chomtong.

This afternoon the water which has been blessed by the King of Thailand will be brought to the temple, expressing the Royal Family`s respect for Ajahn Tong. Subsequently, there will be a chanting ceremony at the temple.
Throughout the next few days, several chanting sessions from the Abhidhamma will follow.

We will continue to post news and messages on this page. Below, you have the opportunity to express your thoughts and respect for Ajahn Tong via the comment function (even though the form asks for your name and e-mail address, you do not need to complete this; should you chose to complete this information, your e-mail address will not be published on the page).

It is possible, that the cremation of Ajahn Tong’s body will take place very soon. The Sangha of high-ranking monks is still discussing this.

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