The extension building….

Dear friends in the Dhamma,

The time has come!

In the last few weeks some issues have been clarified so that we can get the energy boost for the next step.

On Wednesday, February 28, Robert, Ellen, Karl-Heinz (our two architects), Ronald and Angelika will go to the timber construction company to discuss the cost estimate and further details on the execution.

Ronald, who already supported us last year with his skills as a master carpenter, is ready to erect the building together with his colleagues.

The trades that are relevant to energy efficiency are to be carried out for the entire next construction phase. This includes the shell and roof, the windows, the heating and probably also the external cladding of the building.

These are necessary in order to call up the confirmed funding amount of € 375,830.00.

The construction project is currently benefiting from the fact that construction prices are somewhat more moderate again.
In addition, we see the possibility of bridging the amount of the subsidy with loan money for a short time in order to achieve the relevant construction phases and thus a large part of the sum still required.

An important and big step,
that our growing community of meditators needs.

Every contribution is welcome.

To place the order with the timber construction company,
it  needs now
100 people
who are willing to give
1.000 € each

And as always, any amount, large or small, is welcome, so please don’t be shy
….it counts to take part.

How can donations be made?

To our association account with the purpose:
“Extension building”

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With Metta

Your Dhammacari-Team