Best wishes for Christmas time and Happy New Year

…. there is no fire like the fire of passion,
no evil like anger and hatred;
there is no disease like greed,
and there is no bliss like the perfect peace of Nibbana.”

Dear friends in the Dhamma,

We wish you and your loved ones happy christmas days, good health and peace for the New Year!

As in previous years, this year we have organized the house from 6 December to 6 January so that we too can practice intensively.

There is a special silence in the house that makes you feel reverent…..

A brief review of the last few months:

Hildegard came back from the clinic at the end of September much stronger. She continues to work diligently to continue the healing process….

Next year is already planned with guest teachers until August to make this possible.

On November 21, we had a distinguished visitor with us.
The abbot of the temple in Götzenhain, Venerable Phrakhrubhavanbuddhivides (Phra Ajarn Od), and other monks accepted our invitation to bless the straw bale house together with Venerable Phrakhrubhavanabidhan Phra Ajarn Ofer

With lots of Metta for all of you

Hildegard * Angelika * Maximiliano