Dana…Buddhaimages…and the construction site

Dear friends of meditation and the Sonnenthal,

We are happy to report on the progress of our construction site:
The concrete plaster for the barn could still be laid in October. Robert, Christian, Kuzma and Artur were a top team. Together, they completed the task in about 3 days.

About two weeks ago, the carpenters set up the barn and a few days later we could start with the completion ourselves. So we laid cables, installed insulation and wall cladding together with a few helpers. Many thanks to everyone who has helped up to this point: Ajahn Phra Ofer, Robert, Christian, Kuzma, Martin, Andreas, Sabrina, Felix, Richard, Katja, Lena, Elisabeth, Lisa, Angelika, …
Despite the cold we don’t let ourselves be deterred from assembling board by board …
In the next few days we want to finish the wood paneling and the gates.

In the meantime some bills could be paid:
€19,944 for the sewage treatment plant,
€46,999 for the dredging work (parking lot, sewage treatment plant, sewer, barn substructure and access roads …),
€8,896 for the concrete foundation of the barn.
Following this, there will be the bills for the plumber with €3,199, the carpentry with around €20,000 and the electrical work including the PV system.

Thank you very much also to everyone who is giving Dana, whether as a one-time or a recurring donation or as a standing order, so that this growth is possible.

As you can see, over €180,000 has already been given.
For every amount of €1,000 or more, a Buddha statue is created; the higher the amount, the larger the Buddha statue. The graphic shows how many statues of Buddha are already coming together.
It is planned to bless the Buddha statues at the ceremonial blessing after the completion of the extension building and to present them to the sponsors.
Lena gives her skills as a sculptor and creates the Buddha statues in diligent precision work. Several work processes are necessary before a statue is completed.

We are experiencing a lot of enquiries in these troubled times and we are far from being able to meet this high demand. It shows more than ever how important it is that there are places that allow us to come back to the present moment and to experience healing.

From the gratitude and generosity of the meditators who could experience this, the Dhammacari Vipassana Meditation Centre has been able to come into existence and to grow. 
Also this current major growth step is only possible thanks to the Dana that we are all giving to this project.
It is a special kind of effort.
Only through the joy of giving and appreciation will this place and the Dhamma become accessible to many more people.

If you like to donate, please indicate the reference of your transfer as follows:

Extension Dhammacari“

Account details:

IBAN: DE74700519950010183903

With Metta

Your Dhammacari-Team