News from Dhammacari

Dear friends of the Sonnenthal,

now comes the long announced report about our construction progress:

Since the end of May, we have been able to continue working actively on our construction site.

The excavators were at work for a few days and pipes and cables were laid, which are necessary for the further development phases.

(We hope you can see the pictures on your devices)

In addition, the area for the foundation of Angelika’s cottage was excavated

There is a little back story to this:

During the last visit of our Most Revered Teacher Ajahn Tong in Germany (2018) we had the opportunity to show the first drafts for our expansion plans and to ask for advice. Thereby we also received explanations how the kuti’s (small houses for meditators) should be equipped…these are to be built gradually in further construction phases after completion of the large extension.
Ajahn Tong expressed that Angelika should build the first cottage for herself.
Said….done: With the building application for the extension Angelika’s Kuti was also approved.

Our special thanks go to Ellen and Karl-Heinz, who so generously gave their energy and services for the planning of the building application.

The house is now to be built in straw bale construction (wooden frames filled with densely pressed straw bales, with clay plaster on the inside and wooden cladding on the outside) before the end of the fall.

At the moment Tsun-Ning and Karl-Heinz as architects are still busy with the polishing of some details…both put a lot of energy into the elaboration of important details, so that the building at the end the individual trades are well coordinated and the construction succeeds.
For this, too, a heartfelt thank you for your tireless commitment and the generous use of your expertise.
At the end of June, in a joint effort with energetic helpers, we were able to build the first part of the ring foundation ourselves:

There was measuring and leveling…flext and worn…balanced and curved…mixed and filled.

With Tsun-Ning as construction manager, Robert, Christian, Maximiliano, Franz and Vitaly, a great team was at work to master this first construction phase.
It will be possible to do more work on our own until the fall and possibly in October and we are happy to know who would like to help.

The Extension Building

Since our last circular, the Dana for shell construction has grown by a further 16.000€. In total, the shell construction has thus grown to € 64.060 €
Lots of Metta for this generosity of all, who support and make it possible for more people to learn about the Dhamma.

69m²Outer Wall built from layers of wooden boards193m²
21m²Window Areas145m²
5m²Roof surface made of board layers345m²
23m²Roof covering including roof tiles524m²
3m²Ceiling garden level225m²
4m²Ceiling ground floor333m²
6m²Inner wall 180 mm385m²
10m²Inner wall 120 mm446m²

With an estimated total for the shell of currently about € 1,300,000, it still needs many of these gifts to make the building.
Spread over many “shoulders” it is possible.
Every contribution is welcome.

Here you can find again the list of components with the prices/m²:

Outer Wall built from layers of wooden boards500€ / m²
Window Areas750€ / m²
Roof surface made of board layers400€ / m²
Roof covering including roof tiles130€ / m²
Ceiling garden level400€ / m²
Ceiling ground floor400€ / m²
Inner wall 180 mm350€ / m²
Inner wall 120 mm250€ / m²

The amounts already include various additional costs. However, there will certainly be one or the other work, such as demolition and conversion work for the interface with the existing building, as well as costs for construction management, for example.

Who is with the 1st m²?

Who can give several m²?

Who would like to sponsor a m² together with friends?

Who would like to give one m² every month?

Who would like to pass on the possibility of giving in the circle of acquaintances?

There are many possibilities to be part of it, to become active.

Everyone is invited and called to be there, to participate…..

We will keep you informed about the current status.

Please indicate in the bank transfer as

Purpose: “Shell construction”

and the corresponding

„m²” of the building part,

that you would like to give.

Account details:
Dhammacari Vipassana Mediationszentrum e. V.
Sparkasse Erding – Dorfen
BLZ 700 519 95
Konto 101 83 903
IBAN: DE 74 7005 1995 0010 1839 03

With Metta

Euer Dhammacari-Team