What’s going on in Dhammacari?

Dear friends in the Dhamma,

The last few months have flown by and we have a lot to report again.

Hildegard has been on a long break since mid-July to regain her physical strength and to regenerate. Since mid-August she has been in a naturopathic clinic and is experiencing how her strength is gradually increasing again.

Asher Gal has been a guest teacher in the house since mid-July, until the Honorable Phra Ajahn Ofer takes over the leadership of the retreat as planned on October 24.

The next step towards the extension wants to be made

In July, the large pile of earth from the excavation of the foundation was leveled and we now have a clear view again over the property…..and, it seems, of the tasks ahead:

We are now getting bids for the shell and want to start the next phase of construction as soon as possible.

The credit balance for the shell has meanwhile risen to
283.656 €
has grown.

Who will help to raise

September 21 is the 100th anniversary of the birth of our esteemed teacher, Most Revered Ajahn Tong Sirimangalo.
Can we reach this milestone by that day?

Below you will find the necessary amounts for each component (1st column), the number of square meters already given and the need (last column).

Cost/m²Shell sectiongiven so far total
500,00 €/m²Outer wall193m²of193m²
750,00 €/m²Windows22m²of145m²
400,00 €/m²Roof surface20m²of345m²
130,00 €/m²Roof covering50m²of524m²
350,00 €/m²Inner wall 180mm259m²of385m²
250,00 €/m²Inner wall 120 mm228m²of446m²
400,00 €/m²Ceiling Garden level13m²of225m²
400,00 €/m²Ceiling Ground floor9m²of333m²

Please indicate with a bank transfer as
Purpose: “Shell construction”
and the corresponding
“m²” of the part you would like to give.

IBAN: DE74700519950010183903

The work on Angelika’s cottage is progressing well and the completion is in sight. There are just some steps to be done by ourselves and some professionals and we are glad that help is offered again and again and meditators come to offer their skills.

Impressions from the end of summer

And who lives here…?

The hollow trunk of the old apple tree has recently been home to a mother cat with her 3 kittens…..they are of course the attraction these days….

With Metta
Your Dhammacari Team